Cupcake Hero : Cranberry

Cupcake Hero: Cranberry
yesh! finally i get this event entry done on time! *cheers* now i ain't a procrastinator anymore! hmph.. strangely, this was all done during the hectic exam period. Oh well, baking is there for a reason: to preserve my sanity. hehe. gosh, its either i'm living in a pig sty or the cupcakes are tt alluring, there are flies flying across my computer screen! argh.

Okie.. so back to the entry. Lets see. Cranberries! hmph.. when i first saw the theme ingredient posted by Laurie for this month's cupcake hero. i was lyke 'WOAH!', reason being tt i hardly ever dealt with cranberries in my baking. Partly because cranberries are soo expensive and that it is only available in dried form here in Singapore. Wld take an enormous effort to ship over the real juicy stuff from overseas. So oh well, i had to make do with whatever resources i had.

Given the rainy weather for the past few days, i had always turned to a cup of tea for comfort as well as to provide a little warmth to the tummy. A little taste of heaven in a cup i wld say. Hence i toyed with the idea of infusing the taste of tea into the batter. Now, tt was tough since i only had earl grey tea bags at home as my stock of tea leaves had ran out previously and i was stuck at home revising for the exams.

Brillance strikes and i tweaked a cupcake recipe which used milk as the moisturizing agent. Warmed it and put my tea bags in to allow the flavor to seep in. In a while, the room smelt of earl grey. *swoons*...

So there it was, my creation, Cranberry Earl Grey Cupcakes with Orange Cream Cheese frosting. Hmph, well, a cupcake would just be a piece of cake if the frosting wasn't present so wala! i decided to match an orange flavored cream cheese topping to the cake as i thought the cheese would compliment and not mask the lovely light aroma of the cuppies. and indeed! they were excellent! with the toasted walnuts and more cranberries. It wil beginning to look like some sort of autumn harvest festival goodie. Oh gosh.. lyke falling maple leaves.. sigh..

Gosh.. now... gotta get back to studies! haha.

oh yesh.. and pple! do pls come for the TGEO party.. i gurantee it wld be a lot of fun!!!! *=)*

Made an Order for Obolo Desserts
Reserved the Birthday Venue
Buy Wine for the Party ( how many bottles u guys reckon i shld get?)
Order Birthday Cake (GOSH!!! small and quality stuff or big enough to feed the crowd yet lacking in substance? dilemma...)
Send out email invites to Guests.
conclusion: i am a lazy ass!
Meanwhile, the desperate attempt to search for a substitute to the kenwood mixer my aunt has plans on taking back is now on. Got my eyes on the kitchen aid beauties. Hmph, most probably placing my order soon. My whole savings these few months, gone into this little gadget. *pouts*. Shrugs, its okie... Its worth it! *chanting*
Here's my piece of trivial for today. Cupcake Chardonnay! i spied on it while surfing ytd. haha, the flavors pple have now a days. New world wines gone wild!?! Wine research is such a profound thing these days, its hard to catch up with the new regions of vineyards ard the world. kk, so here's the description of the wine tt is to die for!!! listen

A big, rich Chardonnay from California's desirable Central Coast, where the sun drenched grapes create full and elegantly-textured wines. Decadent layers of butter, cream, bright citrus and vanilla melt into a balance of oak and subtle spice. In other words: Sinful.

ohhh... *shudders*... gosh, if only i cld get my hands on this one...

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